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Ride Improvement Systems (RIS)


Stage 1: The Dual Rate Spring Kit

Shock Therapy’s dual rate spring kit is the best starting point to upgrade your suspension set up. A Shock Therapy dual rate spring kit is going to be custom tailored to your specific unit. We take into account driver weight, accessories, terrain and driving style. Some benefits of the Shock Therapy dual rate spring are:

  • Increase ride height
  • Increased bottom out resistance
  • Reduced bucking
  • Smoother ride quality over chop and chatter
  • No Sagging
  • Life time warrantied springs
  • Springs manufactured in the USA

Browse our spring kits below:

Stage 2: Shock Therapy (RIS) Internal Work 

Shock Therapy’s internal valving is custom tailored to the driving style of the unit and the different terrains you ride. Here at Shock Therapy we make major modifications to the internals of the shock, as we call it, the heart of the shock. The modifications we perform inside the shock help promote plushness through small chop and chatter, increased bottom out resistance at full compression, and removes stiff ride quality at moderate to low speeds. Shock Therapy internal valving is not only for racing applications, but is for recreational riders looking to get the most out of their suspension. For all models we charge $749.99 except for 72″ Can-Am models – in which case we charge $1,149.99.

Some of the internal parts we modify are as follows:

  • Piston
  • Shaft
  • Lower Loop
  • Bump Stop
  • Adjusters
  • Bypass Tubes
  • Extension Spring Slider
  • Valving

****** Internal Modifications vary depending application of riding and the shock type*******

We do work on the following UTV models:

Don’t hesitate to ask about your model if it isn’t listed!

Kawasaki Teryx 4
$749.99 - Stage 2 Valving
No DRS Available

Call us at (623) 217-4959 to set up your appointment

The following SKUs are used in conjunction with our Ride Improvement Systems:

ALL $749.99 Stage 2 Valving RIS: 200-0000-01

ALL $1,149.99 Stage 2 Valving RIS: 200-0000-02

Race RIS (Additional $500): RISRACE

Rebuild Shock: 900-0000-00

Rebuild Shock w/ RIS: 900-0000-01